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Casualties :)

Casualties :)

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"Of course, as a teenager, your life becomes a lot more complex and your curiosity about things changes and you become interested in the complexity and the ambiguity of things. And, actually, at school, I find at most schools in the world, that kind of curiosity isn’t indulged to its fullest degree ‘cuz they want you to behave. You know, sit down, behave, do your homework—back in your box. And, doing plays, it was like it was sanctioned. I could play all these amazing parts and play lovers and sons and grandfathers and all these kinds of different stories that shout and scream and rage and laugh and cry, and everyone would say, “Wow, that’s amazing!” as opposed to “Shut up, sit down, do your homework, get back in your box.”"

Tom Hiddleston on acting, Popcorn Taxi interview, Pt. 1 (via silverblueandgold)

(via trillsnacks2)


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